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Discover our investment opportunities

Avestix is providing exciting opportunities for Sophisticated, Experienced and Professional Investors who seek to diversify their existing portfolios and provide some resilience in the current investment market. 

Avestix Growth Funds

The fund has a long term goal of investing in global equities with a focus on deep value investments and disruptive innovation for exponential growth.

Avestix Impact Property Fund

The $100M fund meets the need for positive social and environmental outcomes through impact investment.

Our pillars of innovation

Our pillars of capital raising, investments and the acceleration of new business ideas are the core of our innovation focus. This provides us an opportunity to transform global markets across multiple sectors.

Avestix Funds

Avestix offers specialised investment Funds for market innovation and the digitisation of assets.

Avestix Capital

Avestix Capital specialises in connecting investors with innovators and new market opportunities across multiple sectors.

Join Avestix Lab

Whether you’re a small business or a startup, find the ideal space that suits your needs of today and empowers the growth of tomorrow.

Investment innovation

If you are looking to invest in innovative opportunities, tell us about your investment preferences.

Be part of the digital future

if you’re an innovator looking to transform global markets through digital technologies and market disruption, join our innovation hub, Avestix Lab.