Avestix Growth Fund

The Avestix Growth Fund is aimed at portfolio diversification and minimising capital risks in volatile market conditions. The investment objective of the Fund is to target capital growth and accumulated dividends over the long term. Using strict valuation criteria, the Fund will invest in a range of high performing companies within industry sectors such as Financial Services, Software, Technology, Consumer Goods, Insurance, Banks, and Real Estate across a balance of global markets, including Europe, Scandinavia, Australia, New Zealand and North America.


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The Avestix Social Impact Foundation will receive 1% from the Capital Raising Fee as a donation for social impact projects.

Avestix Past Share Performance

Avestix past performance*, from which the Avestix Growth Fund’s principles and investment strategy are derived.


*Results are from an internal Avestix fund of similar asset classes and investment strategy to the Avestix Growth Fund. Avestix aims to apply the same principles and investment strategy to the publicly available Avestix Growth Fund.
Disclaimer: Past results are no guarantee of future performance.
 30 Jul 201830 Jul 201930 Jul 2020
Avestix Capital Growth13.8% 51.9%63.0%
Total Return14.8% 54.1%67.7%
SP500 Benchmark11.5%32.5%44.10%

Who is eligible to invest?

This Fund is open for Wholesale and Experienced Investors only​




Where Avestix is satisfied on reasonable grounds that the person to whom the offer is being made has previous experience in investing in similar investments that allows them to assess:
- The merits of the offer.
- The value of the underlying security.
- The risks involved in accepting
the offer.
- Their own information needs.
- The adequacy of the information given by the person making the offer.
Avestix has an assessment criteria in place that allows them to assess whether an investor can be accepted as an Experienced Investor.




The person or entity invests $500,000 or more; or
- A qualified accountant certifies a person or entity has:
- Aggregated net assets of $2.5million; or
- Aggregated gross income for each of the last two financial years of at least $250,000 a year.




A person or entity who is:
- An Australian financial services licensee;
- A body regulated by APRA outside of superannuation;
- A body registered under the Financial Corporations Act 1974;
- Trustees of superannuation funds, approved deposit funds, pooled superannuation trusts and public sector superannuation schemes under the Superannuation Industry (Supervision) Act 1993 with net assets of at least $10million;
- A listed entity; or
- Controlling at least $10million gross assets.


The Fund has been created to help Australians from the toxic environment of high fees and low returns and funds that create index type investments. We focus on the fundamental basics of investing and aim to buy stocks at a significant discount to their intrinsic value. We aim and try to invest into disruptive technologies along with companies that have Moat like characteristics.


Furthermore, the Fund has been established to take advantage of the highly volatile market that we are currently experiencing. The fund is an open fund and aims to raise more than 100 Million at start and eventually grow to one Billion. Here at Avestix, our mandate is simple, we feel that if we buy small pieces of businesses with good underlying economics at a fraction of the per-share value of the entire business, something good is likely to happen to us. We look for deep value and only invest when we have that opportunity.

Here at Avestix our mandate is simple, we feel that if we buy small pieces of businesses with good underlying economics at a fraction of the per-share value of the entire business, something good is likely to happen to us. We look for Deep value and only invest when we have that opportunity. We set the stage of fundamental investing that has become forgotten off

Investment funds are pooled and loaned to a trading entity; this loan is secured by a general security deed over the assets (investments) of the trading entity. The loan provides investors protection from any leveraging activities undertaken by the trading entity.

Please refer to the Risk management document attached with the IM.

The Fund offers a diversified investment portfolio with an investment objective to outperform the industry average through capital gain, Investing through companies with a competitive advantage and Moat like characteristics. The bulk of profits will be returned to investors in the Fund; a performance fee will be paid to the Investment Manager for performance above targets set.


The term of the Fund is 3 years, all investors will be paid with all their accumulated profits at the end of the funds 3-year term period, less any expenses and performance fees.

The rate of return is variable; a successful investment may return a lower than anticipated profit. The Fund offers a diversified portfolio to provide a balanced return. The risk of one investment not performing is mitigated by a spread of diversified, multiple investments.


If performance targets are not met, the fund manager will not receive a performance fee.

The rate of return is variable; a successful investment may return a higher than anticipated profit and this will be included in the calculation for distribution, less all costs and performance fees.


If the fund’s returns are doing well, investors will therefore do well. The Investment Manager is entitled to performance fees above targeted returns of the, based off a sliding scale.

Investors will receive quarterly performance letters from the Fund Manager of Avestix about the portfolio.

The Fund is illiquid for up to 3 years; redemption may occur earlier at the discretion of the Fund Manager. The Fund Manager will request instructions from investors at least 3 months prior to the date of redemption as to whether investors wish to redeem their investment or rollover for a further period of 3 years.

Investors can add to their investment at any time in minimum increments of $50,000; there is no maximum for additional investment.

No redemption requests (withdrawals) will be processed from an investor before 3 years unless the ‘hardship circumstances’ contained within the Deed of the Fund are met. Early withdrawal may reduce the capital returns, calculated as the original capital invested plus realizable capital gains, less 20% as a penalty fee. It is to ensure we protect the liquidity and ongoing performance of the Fund.

Susan Lindeque, CEO and Founder of Avestix Group, is a registered Chartered Accountant and Real Estate Agent with more than 25 years of successful commercial and financial experience, including managing numerous international billion-dollar projects. Susan is also CEO and Founder of Linzen Property Group, a large property developer with interests in Brisbane, the Sunshine Coast and Western Sydney.


Ruan Lindeque, Fund Manager at Avestix Group, with university studies in Business with a strong focus in Accounting, has 10 years’ experience in managing investments, financial analysis and investment models, including covering a range of global equities and disruptive technologies and a dedication to reading annual reports and finding competitive advantages.

Charles Ku, Group Financial Manager of Avestix Group, is a qualified Chartered Accountant with nearly 20 years in assurance, financial and management accounting, treasury management, information system management and compliance across a diverse range of industries including Government, manufacturing, logistics, not-for-profit and financial services.

Selar Henderson, General Manager of Avestix Group, is an experienced professional with nearly 20 years working in and supporting the profit-for-purpose sector in community development, fundraising, product commercialisation, business development, strategy and governance across Australia and New Zealand.

The material on this website is not a prospectus or Product Disclosure Statement and is not intended to reflect any recommendations or financial advice, nor is it an offer or solicitation to buy any securities other than Units in the Fund as presented, or an offer or solicitation in any circumstances in which such an offer or solicitation would be unlawful. The material on this website does not take into account any investor’s investment objectives, financial situation and/or particular financial needs. Therefore, prospective investors should first request and carefully read the Avestix Impact Property Fund Information Memorandum (IM) and if required, obtain independent legal and financial advice.

Before entering into any transaction, prospective investors should ensure that they fully understand the terms of the transaction, relevant risk factors, the nature and extent of the risk of loss, as well as the legal, tax and accounting consequences of the transaction. None of the Fund Manager, its respective Director’s, the Authorised Intermediary, its associates, or any other person provides any guarantee as to the future performance of the Fund, the performance or success of the investment offer, the repayment of capital or any particular rate of capital or income return. No person is authorised to give any information or to make any representation that is not contained in the IM. Assets shown in any photograph or illustration are not assets of the Fund unless otherwise stated.