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Robots are Coming

Last year, over 28,000 new robots were installed in the United States alone in non-automotive roles. The car companies have led the charge in robotization in the past but robots


Building The Future

In complex systems, the Interaction Between Variables is much more important than any one variable. Which future do you prefer? More Politics Technology Money Energy Conflict orMore Art Gardens Music


Property and Security Tokenization

The property industry is ripe for disruption. Many other industries have already seen the huge impact of new technologies and new business models. The taxi industry has been disrupted by


Australia and China – The Relationship

The links between Australia and China started in the early 1850s when many Chinese immigrants came to Australia as indentured labourers working as shepherds, rural labourers, cooks and gardeners. In


Tesla Taxi Disrupts Peer-To-Peer Car Sharing

Tesla Taxi, the first Queensland-based peer-to-peer car sharing platform with a 100% BEV (Battery Electric Vehicle) fleet – and the newest members of Avestix Lab. Based on the largely successful