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BeefLedger Overview

BeefLedger tackles providence and fraud with blockchain data and science. Using the Internet, BeefLedger captures data on the movement of beef products and cattle. Consumers can see the history of the beef with a simple scan.


Understanding the benefits of indirect property investment

The property market has always been a viable long-term investment strategy. New technologies and ESG framework are providing the opportunity to invest with impact, which not only benefits your portfolio but generates positive outcomes for the environment and the local community.

Avestix continues to deliver impact investment opportunities to Australians that are looking to diversify into safe property assets with sustainability in mind.


Who Will Pay for Climate Change?

A survey, conducted jointly by Yale and George Mason Universities in the USA, last November and December on 1,114 American adults, showed dramatic shifts in public sentiment about belief in


Global Interest Rates Now on Hold

The Australian Reserve Bank (our central bank) has indicated clearly that interest rates are now on hold and may even be heading lower. The Deputy Governor, Guy Debelle, stated on


Bitconnect Crime

The FBI is actively appealing to any potential victims who may have invested in the cryptocurrency Bitconnect coin (BCC). This was released through an ICO (initial coin offering) by Bitconnect


Stablecoin Revolution?

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin (and many more) have emerged over the last 10 years as gateways to the Crypto World. They have been called “digital currencies” but some critics say that