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Developing sustainable funding pathways

Avestix connects opportunities with capital to encourage the development of high-growth companies and the commercialisation of their innovation, while also ensuring we are caring for communities through positive social impact. Avestix aims to build sustainable funding pathways that meet the needs of both innovators and investors, solving systemic issues regarding access to finance.

Projects Portfolio

Avestix is dedicated to aiding the development of financing pathways for innovators in Australia to accelerate commercial success, access new markets and strengthen our communities. Our projects portfolio will continually expand, offering innovative investments in fractionalised property, tokenised assets and other managed funds investments.

Social Impact

Avestix Social is a revolutionary model for large-scale capital investment in the profit-for-purpose sector. Social impact and the subsequent benefits to community wellbeing are becoming recognised as significant drivers in our future economy.

Property Portfolio

Avestix is investing in innovative and exceptional real estate developments that provide sustainable growth for investors, while meeting the needs of our communities in high growth areas. Discover how you can invest in early stage developments and property fractionalisation.

Managed Funds

There are significant opportunities during periods of exceptional market volatility in acquiring and managing global assets, including innovative products such as the tokenisation of new asset classes. Accessing these opportunities will result in investor resilience and strong returns.

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Avestix Capital connects investors with innovative opportunities to generate returns and capital growth across different markets in multiple sectors.