Raising capital for innovation and growth

Putting capital in the hands of innovators

Avestix Capital is dedicated to raising investment capital from those looking to invest and putting it in the hands of innovators growing their businesses through applying innovative technologies and market disruption or expansion. Avestix Capital has access to significant investment opportunities in property development, healthcare, managed funds and ESVCLPs. If you’re an investor looking to invest in innovation, we want to hear from you.

Capital + Innovation

Entrepreneurs and innovators need capital to grow and accelerate their businesses, expand into new markets and support economic growth in Australia. Avestix Capital can connect you to an exciting range of opportunities that will also grow your investment portfolio and provide excellent returns. Talk to us now about how your investment will not only grow your capital base, but also give back through a social impact contribution that supports vulnerable communities.

Property Funds

Avestix Capital has access to a range of exciting investment opportunities in property – early stage, bespoke design and develop, staged construction, and innovative fractionalisation models all point to  a significant future in property
in Australia.

Managed Funds

If you’re looking to diversify your portfolio, or take advantage of opportunities in the market right now, our Managed Funds offer you a long-term strategy for resilience and above average market returns. Talk to us today about what we can do for you.


Invest in our early stage venture capital fund and we can connect you to exciting emerging businesses with an opportunity to accelerate onto the global stage.

Social Impact

Avestix Social is a revolutionary model for large-scale capital investment in the profit-for purpose sector, with benefits to community wellbeing becoming recognised as significant drivers in our future economy. Talk to us about how you can invest in social impact outcomes.

Let us understand your investment needs

Whether you are looking to invest in new opportunities, or raise capital for an innovative project or business, register now so we can understand your investment needs. 

Avestix can create long-term capital growth for you

Whether it is through innovative technology solutions, early stage venture capital investment, or managed funds, Avestix can meet the investment goals of our clients, while fostering growth in innovation and ensuring a positive social impact is achieved in our communities.