About Us

A global investment company led by innovation, anchored by sustainable growth.

About Avestix Group

Our purpose is to help people to access investment growth opportunities which offer long-term value, so that people can build a better financial future.  

Avestix is a privately owned and independent investment company established in 2017 to help create wealth.   Today, we are entrusted by wholesale investors and self-managed super funds to invest $36M across a broad range of active strategies in global equities, fixed income, and real estate across growth corridors in Australia.           

Our team

We are Brisbane-based, with our capability spanning investment management and property management experience.  The investment research function accesses external and in-house capability and we leverage our global network of investment advisory specialists.

Susan Lindeque

Founder & CEO
Avestix Group

Len Lindeque

Operations Manager
Avestix Group

Charles Ku

Group Financial Manager
Avestix Group

Ruan Lindeque

Chief Investment Officer
Avestix Group

Marianella Picon

Marketing Manager
Avestix Group

Asa Karlsson

Communications and
Relationship Manager
Avestix Group

Fiona Feng

Assistant Accountant 

Avestix Group

Rocco Lindeque

Research and Trading Manager

Avestix Group

George Barkhuizen

Chief Legal Officer
Avestix Group

Erica Barkhuizen

Due Diligence and Compliance Manager
Avestix Group

Our Funds

Our Growth Fund and Impact Property Fund aim to provide investors with some resilience in current market conditions while achieving growth and return.  Each fund is currently open to experienced, professional and sophisticated investors. 


The Avestix Growth Fund has a long-term global equity strategy to target capital growth and provide investors with an opportunity to achieve capital growth and dividends via exposure to a range of assets that aim to significantly outperform the market. 


The Avestix Impact Property Fund is suitable for investors seeking stability for their investments and the opportunity to generate regular distributions and capital growth of their investment.

Our investment approach

Our investment philosophy is anchored to capital preservation and long-term performance, achieved through fundamental and deep value analysis, prudent selection and investment in local and global, resilient companies with a track record of stable profitability.  

Integrating ESG considerations into investment processes

We incorporate environmental, social and governance factors into our core investment processes. Our funds create pooled investment opportunities in companies or projects which purposefully incorporate features or design to deliver social and environmental outcomes, in addition to innovation.

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