$100M Impact Property Fund to catalyse property sector shift to impact launches in Brisbane

  • Avestix launches AUD$100 million Impact Property Fund to finance property-related projects which deliver sustainable environmental and social benefits to Australian communities
  • Fund established to help catalyse a systemic industry shift to impact-focused property development to meet future supply needs and drive increased environmental and social outcomes
  • Fund to finance impact-driven projects including renewable micro-energy grids; accessible housing (e.g. NDIS and essential workers); affordable housing; and the potential generation of employment opportunities for people with a disability.
  • Wholesale fund for investors seeking a financial return, alongside wanting to make an environmental and social difference.  

As impact investing continues to attract world-wide public and private sector attention, a Brisbane based impact investment company, Avestix, has launched an Impact Property Fund targeting $100 million in committed capital to be redirected as impact finance for property developments and related projects which deliver tangible environmental and social benefits to Australian communities.   

“As a property developer and impact investor, it’s time for the property sector to embed long-term environmental and social benefits, and leverage innovation, right along the supply chain – from design, materials, development, energy supply, employment and community, alongside the goal of financial return,” said Susan Lindeque, Founder and CEO of Avestix Group and Linzen Property Group.  

“Avestix aims to be at the forefront of impact investing and innovation, enabling greater stewardship and a sustainable shift to measurable social and environmental outcomes for real estate,” said Susan Lindeque, Founder and CEO of Avestix Group and Linzen Property Group.  

The Avestix Impact Fund will extend loans for the purposes of small- and large-scale property development and acquisition, and other property-related activities such as FinTech and PropTech solutions for the sector, appropriate to maximise returns for investors. 

The Fund will focus on properties which offer self-sustaining energy solutions, integrate smart technology, and provide purpose-built accessible housing; and, projects designed to cultivate thriving community living.   The Fund will also support property projects which may generate employment opportunities, including jobs for people with a disability.

“The need for both residential and commercial property to scale up its environmental and social impact is huge and is largely unmet,” said Lindeque.

Innovations such as smart contracts, blockchain and artificial intelligence are potential investment options for the fund, as the demand for greater transparency and efficiencies, such as reduced transaction compliance costs drive increased adoption of transformative technologies across sales, property management, developments, and construction management.

Due to its general stability and tangibility compared to other investment options, property continues to offer investors the opportunity to diversify their investment portfolios, minimise capital risks as much as possible, and provide some resilience in current market conditions.  The Australian residential property market is worth an estimated $7.2 trillion and expected to grow to meet increasing supply demands. 

“The Impact Fund will provide an impact-driven diversified property portfolio opportunity for wholesale investors in pursuit of financial return and wanting to make a difference,” said Lindeque.

Three cornerstone investments by the Avestix Impact Property Fund include:

  • eNJae Noosa Hub, acquisition and property development of a $25 million multi-storey mixed-use development comprising housing, an organic market, innovation hub with co-working and co-living spaces in Noosa Junction, Sunshine Coast.  
  • Western Sydney Airport Corridor, an estimated $800 million series of projects over 10 years incorporating subdivisions, medium to high residential and mixed-use developments. 
  • Dakabin Crossing, a $70 million development of 182 townhouses, terrace homes and apartments in the northern suburbs of Brisbane which will include a solar micro-grid designed to reduce energy costs, superior smart technology features, with plans to provide employment opportunities for people with a disability.

The Avestix Impact Property Fund is open to sophisticated and experienced investors.   A copy of the Information Memorandum can be obtained from Avestix.com.

About Avestix

Avestix Group is an independent, privately owned investment company established in 2018 to provide investors with impact led, sustainable and innovative investment growth opportunities to create long term-value, to protect and create wealth.  Avestix Capital currently manages $36M under authorised management across a broad range of active strategies in global equities, fixed income, and real estate.  Avestix has released two $100M flagship funds, the Avestix Growth Fund, and the Avestix Impact Property Fund to increase its investment portfolio and to enable investors greater access to impact investment opportunities.  Our investment philosophy is anchored to capital preservation and long-term performance, achieved through fundamental and deep value analysis.  Avestix incorporates environmental, social and governance factors into its core investment processes and creates investment opportunities which deliver social and environmental outcomes.  The Avestix team has global investment experience, property development and real estate management experience and leverages a global network of investment advisory specialists. 

For further information

Susan Lindeque
Founder and CEO, Avestix Group and Linzen Property Group
+61 413 887 850

Megan Owen
Corporate Communications Manager, Avestix Group
+61 423 143 114

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